Date Night Fun

I’m cheating for a bit and taking a break from homework. It’s a perfect, nice and sunny day and I’m stuck inside studying with a sick kid. So. Not. Fair.

I would probably get a lot more done if I could focus. But I’m hungry. So, it’s a good time for a break.

My husband and I just celebrated our 13th Wedding Anniversary. It was on Monday, April 17th. So we celebrated it this past weekend.

Lately, to add some more drama to our date nights, we have to pick a letter from our Alphabet date night cards, that I have pre-prepared for moments such as this. Yes, I’m an exciting person to live with. He’s a lucky man.

Our first letter was a J. That sucked. There wasn’t much to go on. So we skipped it for now, and picked the letter P. Much better.

Here’s how our night went:

 P for Pizza! We even tried a new place. It was super yummy! And they had Gluten-Free!

After that, we did this:

 P= also for Paint night. A place called Cheers Pablo, had a Groupon, and we went and painted. Let me just say this: If you do not enjoy painting, do not do this activity.

 These 2 pictures were my set-up. I had a large selection of paint, paintbrushes, wine, Cheetos and a HUGE blank canvas.

Image result for Cheers Pablo Northern Lights Here’s what our painting is “supposed” to look like. “Artists” are allowed to use their own creativity when painting, so each person could have something different. No big deal. Right?

 This was what mine looked like in the beginning. I can blend make-up like crazy, but apparently blending PAINT is far too complicated for me. I cursed more times than I would like to admit during this process. And it wasn’t pleasant, nor enjoyable. I didn’t like this activity. I was stressed. And look at the disaster I created.

HOWEVER!!!! We were allowed to be CREATIVE. So I quit following the guide and did whatever I wanted. I painted what I saw.

That’s how I ended up doing this:

 Yup. That’s a cow getting sucked up by a UFO. Can you tell that I gave up and gave in to the yellow light? Just let it happen.

Here’s what my husband did (clearly, he’s painted before):

 I call this: Teachers Pet. Damn his blending skills.

After that, we ran to Target for our annual $15 anniversary gifts that have to start with P. The person that has the most P’s during their date, was the winner…of nothing.

I see now that this picture is terrible. However, I still think you get the idea. The blended mess above was the PINT of ice cream he bought me and ate himself (with the Reese’s Pieces I bought him). I won by one point though, so there.

It was a fun date night. But, if you are not a fan of painting, just don’t do this. I didn’t really enjoy it. I found it stressful. Way too much blank canvas for me to fill with the crap I filled it with.

But now I get to hang my beautiful painting in my home somewhere…unless someone else wants it?


Super Obsessed Book Nerd

I lived in books more than I lived anywhere else (11/?) Prints, shirts, pillows, and more: RB // S6 // TeePublic:

I am a HUGE book fan.

My husband does not understand this. He does not read and wonders how someone could “waste” their time getting lost in a book. I love that man, but sometimes…

He’s been getting on my case for awhile about my book collection. I’ve been hunting for books at the Goodwill, Savers and any other thrift store I can find. I do this almost weekly. Why? Because I’m searching for my favorites to add permanently to my bookshelf. I work very hard to gather all these books that are close to my heart and obtain them from second hand sources.

My lovely husband is partially upset because of our lack of space. Here are my bookshelves now:

As you can see, I have one large shelf and it’s definitely not enough space. The top left corner is my curio cabinet that my books spread to. My romance novels on the top shelf are stacked in 3 rows, organized by author. The smaller bookshelf is for the kids. I’ve been  trying to find holes here and there to put my books, but I’m really running out of room.

To solve this problem, my husbands idea is to just stop buying books. Completely rational response. However, I’m not rational when it comes to books.

And I’m only collecting my favorite series/authors.

This is my list. And I keep the updated version in a small book that remains in my purse at all times. I don’t want to accidently rebuy a book that I already have. Does anyone else do this? Please tell me I haven’t reached a new level of nerd here…

I understand my husbands concern. I just wish he could understand why I love books so much.

I love opening them and smelling the pages. I love the characters and know each one of them. I’ve read and re-read almost all these books so many times that picking them up again brings so much comfort and peace when I get to read them again. I love finding out something new or realizing a different part of the story I didn’t see before. These characters are family, home and comfort. Their stories are my favorite memories. I always find myself getting caught up and lost in a favorite book, no matter how many times I’ve read it. I get cravings to read certain stories and it’s always nice to have it on hand when the craving hits.

I hate it when books end. I still cry at the end of Harry Potter. Probably always will. Having these books means their stories will never really end. I can just pick up the first one again and I’m instantly swept up in it.

Books are honestly magic. They are like a warm, comfortable blanket that you’ve had for years and still remains in perfect shape. And maybe it’s weird to find such joy and happiness in a small, paper object…but it’s the words inside that have wound their way around my heart and stay there.

I don’t have too many favorites, but the ones I have, I work hard on keeping close.

That’s why I have a list, shop weekly and overfill my bookshelf.

The thrift store portion is because books are cheaper. Obviously not cheap enough for my dear spouse, but cheaper than buying brand new. And sometimes you find a hidden treasure inside that gives you little clues about the person that last read the book and I find that really enjoyable.


I hope I explained myself well enough. I know it’s difficult to really understand if you’re not a reader and I’ve met people that will not even date someone that doesn’t read. But I am so in love with my husband, so despite his hatred of books, I am keeping him forever. I still wish he could cave in a buy me a bookshelf in the same way he caves in to buy a mint milkshake from Culvers when I’m dieting.

Food puns                                                       …:

Five For Friday

Quick update in 5 parts.  That’s all your getting from me. I’m supposed to be cleaning!

  1. Finished J-Term at school. It was surprisingly fun. Minus the headaches from cramming all that history into my brain in such a short period of time. However, it’s done, so I get to do a massive brain dump to make room for this next term. It’s just like flushing a toilet.
  2. My husband and I have been having a few spats here and there, over nothing in particular. So I decided to surprise him one night with an awesome gift:                                                  That’s right, it’s a bedroom fort. Who’s the coolest wife ever? If you didn’t say “Danielle” you would be incorrect. 2 hours of my life was spent tacking all the bed sheets I could find to our ceiling and walls. So. Many. Tacks. (P.S. My thumb STILL HURTS from all those f-ing thumb tacks). Also, I could use more bed sheets in our house. Why do I have so few? I wanted to decorate it with xmas lights all over, but we just put all our Christmas decor away and I have NO IDEA what tote I put those in, so I grabbed the first ones I could find. Which turned out to be a strand of icicle lights. Super pretty. Kind of annoying. They flash so much I almost had a seizure. You can see I grabbed up snacks for our bed fort and got the Netflix ready. It was fun…for an hour or so. But when we started to fall asleep, it was getting seriously warm in there. Down came the fort. Hours of work…wasted. Plus, all my husband said about it was “There are going to be holes all over our ceiling and walls now.” Way to appreciate all that effort. =P
  3. I’ve been using this time off of school for good things. Like organizing my book shelf. Super important work going on here. Books need love too. But I noticed that during my organizing, I’m missing a few books. Why? Because I was purchasing some on my Nook. Which is great…when I know where it is and have it charged. Which is never. I need my books in paper, just for backup purposes. So I made some lists. I made LOTS of lists. And I put my missing books in a tiny, travel size notebook. That way when I’m at the Goodwill, I can do some hunting for my missing books. Look at me go. Super organized. Screw cleaning the rest of the house…this girl has a bookshelf to organize!
  4. I have had tacos 3 days in a row. For lunch and dinner. Worth it.
  5. I did this really awesome Virtual Reality thing on Google. It was to explore Petra, which is on my bucket list to visit. It was so cool, until I tried to ralph all over due to the motion sickness it caused me. Bleh. And I stubbed my toe on a wall and ran into the counter probably 3 times because I couldn’t stop walking around like a dumbass. I know that I don’t actually need to move. But my brain tells me I should, so I do. No more virtual reality for me…

January: The Month of Blah

I hate this month. I’m also not a fan of February. In Minnesota, these two months are pretty much the worst. It’s winter, not the good beautiful winter we expect at Christmas, but the nasty, cold, slushy winter that comes after. It’s raining outside right now. Which means it will be frozen by tomorrow. Which also means, traffic will suck tomorrow morning. Winter officially sucks now.

The holidays for us went well. Lots of fun, lots of relaxing and way too much eating.

Because of that eating, I decided that my husband and I should get healthy. WE discussed it for about a week. WE talked about getting a treadmill, or a spinning bike for the house. WE even discussed getting a personal trainer. WE then decided a gym membership was our best option. I did research into which gym was better, closer and offering a deal because it was January. I actually found the perfect one. After all that research and digging, WE go in to sign up and when asked how many people will be using it, he said, “Only one. We’re here for her.” Then he looked at me and said, “I never actually agreed to getting one. But you can.” WHAT?! Great. Thanks hun.

I actually intended on us doing this together. Supporting each other. Maybe not working out at the same time, but giving each other the opportunity to go when possible and encouraging each other. Which also included us maybe eating healthier together. Making better choices, together. Key word here: TOGETHER.

So I am now a member of Anytime Fitness. Wanna know something else really super cool? When asked how many months, 12 or 18, he said, “She will do the 12 month membership. And I’ll just pay for the entire cost right now.” WHAT WHAT?!? Seriously. He just paid the entire year. Crap. No backing out now. This wasn’t exactly the motivation I was looking for, but I guess it will work. Guilt. A great motivator.

I am excited to be going to the gym though. It always helps take care of some of the winter blah feeling and I’m looking forward to wearing my pants again. It’s been awhile.


Finally. Done. For now…

It’s over!

First semester is officially DONE!!!! I took my last final yesterday morning and now I get two weeks off!

This is great! I totally need this break. I have been slowly wearing down as the months went by. I started out so great in September. I was super organized, got up early to shower and do my makeup and even packed some lunch. By the end of classes, I couldn’t remember when I showered last, I was wearing my pants on backwards (they were stretch ones, no one knew except me!), and slept on the couch for 3 nights because I fell asleep studying for finals.

Elf on the Shelf hasn’t moved in days. I’ve had so much caffeine lately, it’s not even having an effect anymore. And the other day I wore slippers to school as if they were shoes. Yes, I knew what I was doing. And no, I didn’t care…even after someone pointed it out to me.

I’m ready for this Christmas break. And just as a heads up, for family members and friends, this is going to be a serious break from life. Here’s what I have planned for my upcoming break:

  1. A movie with my children. Sing is coming out in theaters this Christmas and I plan on seeing it as soon as I can.
  2. Books. For pleasure. I plan on catching up on all my stupid romance novels that I haven’t had time to read the past few months. If you decide to bother me while reading, I will give you one chance to back away slowly before coming at you with the fingernails I haven’t had time to cut.
  3. Television. I have missed you TV. Dr. Who. Supernatural. All my wonderful shows I haven’t been able to watch yet, all just waiting for me. Yes, I’m coming and I plan on enjoying each and every single one of you. Probably in one giant marathon with a tray of cookies.
  4. Sleep. Oh sleep. Yes, you will get your chance too. Trust me. I may even reintroduce myself to naps again…
  5. My husband and children. You are on my list. I haven’t forgotten you either. I will spend some time with you all…whether you want it or not.

I can’t wait to start enjoying my break!

But first, I have to clean…oops. Forgot to add that to my list too. Damn. There’s always something.

And just to play a quick catch up, here’s my October/November/December photos:


This picture is of my kids. Dressed up for Christmas Caroling. I gave them all showers, styled them and even curled Morgan’s hair. For Christmas Caroling. That wasn’t going to happen for a week. I read the calendar wrong. Way to go.

Study time! This is what I’ve been doing with my time lately. BUT I get two weeks off!!!!




P.S. Have a GREAT Christmas and a Super Awesome New Year too! Hopefully, I’ll have some great pictures or funny stories to share before classes start again in January, but I’m going to try to relax as much as possible!


You’ve been BOO’ed!

My kids are off school for MEA weekend. I am not so lucky and have Chemistry Lab tonight. However, I decided to take advantage of being able to spend time with my kids and do something fun. We boo’ed our neighbors.

We ran to Target (seriously, this store has it all) and purchased a TON of Halloween goodies! It was actually rather difficult to give it all away. My kids kept trying to get us to keep some of it. Mostly the cool glow in the dark fingers they talked me into. I’m not sure if our neighbors will enjoy those as much as my kids do, but it seemed like a good idea to add some fun.

Then I had to make the cards for the Boo bag. I found this on Pinterest:

Mine were not this cute, but it worked.

After we loaded up the bags, stuffed in our cards, it was time to do the delivery. Now, I know that “traditionally” this is done at night, in secret. But I wasn’t going to be here tonight. Plus, I was thinking MOST people wouldn’t be home.


Also, my kids totally didn’t understand the “secret” portion. I told them to drop off the gift, ring the bell and RUN.

They argued about who was going to drop off the gift and who was supposed to ring the bell. They couldn’t figure out which door they were supposed to go to. Our neighborhood offers 2 options. Then they ran back to our driveway and waited to see if someone answered the door. As the person answered, my kids waved, neglecting the “secret” part of the operation.

I did get photos but they didn’t turn out great since I was taking them through my window, which hasn’t been cleaned since 2013.

This was a blast to do! I’ve never Boo’ed my neighbors before, but this might be our new tradition. Although, I may have to get to know more of them, because I can’t keep surprising the same ones over and over again.

Sorry this isn’t much of an update. School has been CRAZY lately. We’re heading into Midterms now and I’m just scraping by. I’ve put in so much study time it’s unreal. I always thought that you get out of something what you put into it. That’s not true in this case.

Hopefully I’ll have more to say in a week or so. Gotta get through midterm and then we get a “TINY” break before finals kick in. BOOOOO!

Homework as an Adult

Homework as an adult seems to suck just as much as it did when I was in High School. However, adding 3 kids, a house to clean, meals to make, life to manage, to the to-do list is really adding to the suck factor.

My husband has been helping out SO MUCH, but there’s honestly more than we can both handle right now. Which means, things have gotten a little out of hand around our house.

For example?

I found a dead fly in the freezer. Why? No clue. How long has it been there? Not sure. Is it still in there, even at this moment as I type this? Why, yes. It is.

The laundry has exploded. I’ve been trying to do loads of laundry in between classes and homework…unfortunately, it just keeps multiplying. There are approximately 9 loads of laundry, right now. 2 are filling the washer and dryer, both on their second round. The rest are spread between the floor of our house, or in a nice clean pile in my bedroom, waiting to be put away. I should probably be doing it now, instead of writing, but it’s not going anywhere.

I’ve been so caught up in the days, that I actually forgot that September in Minnesota= cooler weather. Obviously, I know that despite my drawers still containing shorts, that it would be rather stupid to actually wear them. My kids don’t know that just yet. I haven’t taken out their summer clothes yet. I’ve been picking them up in the afternoons (highs of 60’s right now) wearing shorts and tank tops. Yeah, that’s probably not that bad, but it’s only going to get worse. I feel bad.

I did pull out all their summer clothing and put it in a tote that is sitting in the middle of the living room. One step at a time.

School is going OK. I’m totes bombing Chemistry already. Didn’t take long, did it? I’ll be doing extra tutoring to help with that. I wish there was some way to stay on campus, so I could be there during the random hours that they offer tutoring and study groups. Living in a dorm room was not an option for me. But maybe this would work?:


I’ll just put it on the back of my car and *poof* insta-home! Isn’t it the cutest?! I’ll just live in the parking lot on the days I need to stay there. That’s cool, right?

And on that note, I’ll leave you with some funny things my kids have said lately, because it’s all I have. I’m too tired for actual thinking right now.

Morgan: “Wish I could have a treat too.”

Me: “Wishes are fun, aren’t they?”

Morgan: “Yeah. They never actually come true.”


Evan’s friend: “Ask your Mom if we can do a lemonade stand.”

Evan: “MOM! Can we do a lemonade stand?”

Me: “Wait until the weekend, you will have better business then.”

Evan’s friend: “What does that even mean? Was that a no?”

Evan: “That’s her nice way of saying no. If we ask her again, we’ll get her mean way.”