Adventures in Stars Hollow

I’m starting a new blog. Like you weren’t aware of that. I like WordPress more than Blogger. I will link to this site from my old one for a bit, before I shut the old one down for good.

If you followed me over here, THANK YOU!

I won’t let you down, I promise! Onto the post:

I didn’t get to visit the “real” Stars Hollow. Because it doesn’t actually exist.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, maybe you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls as often as I have. That’s OK. I forgive you.

My sister and I took our Mom out for some antique shopping in Chaska, MN. Adorable small town that had some beautiful little shops, Victorian style homes and a gazebo that was straight out of Stars Hollow. I have pictures to prove it.

images (4)

Above is a picture I found on google images for Stars Hollow.

The ones below, are all mine.

IMG_3065 IMG_3066 IMG_3068

It’s safe to say, I was pretty darn excited. My sister and Mom didn’t quite get it. I’m a true, loyal, fan of Gilmore Girls. I actually didn’t want to leave. However, my ideal Stars Hollow has a Target nearby. I didn’t find a Target.

Time to go.

I found some wonderful treasures at the stores in the area. No one else thought they were wonderful though…I must have a unique personality.


This was my entire collection. Pretty awesome, right?


My favorite find, the Bitch Slapper. A flattened spoon with those words stamped on it. Convenient. (Would have been more convenient if they were on there backwards, so when you used it, the words would be imbedded in flesh. Everyone would then know, you just got slapped.)


Then there was Fernando. All alone. Left discarded on a shelf. I paid $6 for him. Worth every penny. I tried to get a taxidermy squirrel, but the lady selling him priced him high so no one would buy him. She said she liked it and didn’t want to sell it.

Here’s a tip for you: if you don’t want to sell something, DON’T PUT IT IN A STORE! Too bad I didn’t have my Bitch Slapper at that point. Pretty sure that moment is what it was made for.

Jalon didn’t like the dead squirrel anyway. I thought it would be cute to dress him up for the holidays…once again, my unique personality coming through. Jalon is worried about zombie squirrels, coming to life and attacking us in our sleep.

That’s just a guess though. There’s no other reason to not want a taxidermy squirrel that you can dress up and have hanging out in your living room.

I asked him what we should do with Fernando, (I was thinking of the best placement in the living room for all to see) and Jalon mentioned something like “bury it”, or maybe “set it on fire to kill its spirit”…whatever.

We don’t know what kind of animal he was…but he’s cute. Doesn’t matter. I’m not here to judge.

Welcome home Fernando!


3 thoughts on “Adventures in Stars Hollow

  1. Brenda Maxfield says:

    Dude, Taylor would not let a Target within a 20 mile radius!

    That’s amazing. I might have to make a trip with my mom there. We actually lived through much of the Gilmore Girls storyline. Except the part where we get to be rich.


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