Mystery in My Manor

Early this morning, before the sun had even broke over the horizon, my spouse and I were awakened by the tiny chime of a music box. It played a small haunted ditty in the silence of our bedroom and left us thoroughly confused as to where it had come from.

Jalon may have said, “What the hell was that?”

I may have responded with, “I have no idea. Our house is haunted. I’m out.”

He said it sounded like it was coming from under our bed. Even better.

It took us awhile to gain courage (and wake up properly) before we could explore and figure out where that sound had come from.

You see, I don’t own a music box. Not one. Neither do my children. At first we thought, maybe the kids hid something in here. Or maybe we are both going insane slowly and this is one of the first signs.

Either way, I had a mystery to solve!

I grabbed a flashlight and dug under my bed. Here’s a list of what I did happen to find, for those that might be curious:

Vicks VapoRub, Empty pill bottles (I go through a LOT of Prozac…), used tissues, chapstick, one half-finished puzzle (I had completely forgotten about it), our old wedding albums, a laptop bag, basket full of misc. cords and wires (don’t ask me why we are keeping cell phone chargers), an entire collection of used dryer sheets, wrapping paper from 3 Christmas’s ago, puzzle books, an assortment of hair paraphernalia, a stray slipper and old candy wrappers (once again, can’t blame me. I don’t eat Mike and Ike’s in bed. Or ever.).

There was also a 3-inch layer of dust that actually tried to grab the flashlight out of my hands for disturbing the years of solitude it has come accustomed to.

I couldn’t find anything that would sporadically play music at 6 a.m.. Maybe I was going crazy. I guess I’m taking Jalon with me, since he heard it too. He doesn’t believe our house is haunted, always looking for a “reasonable” solution before we get to that point.

I sat in my room and pondered for a bit.

And then I remembered something that I did MONTHS ago.


This is my side of the room. A bit messy, I know. It’s a work in progress. I need more bookshelves. And hangers. Maybe a garbage can…whatever.

In a box, on the top of my bookshelf, I put some items in there, back in November. Totally forgot about them.

It was doll house furniture. Some old, some new, all not being used at this particular moment. I keep hoping to stumble across a cheap, yet adorable house that this furniture would fit inside of.


Inside this box, I kept some doll house shelves and 1 doll house piano.

This piano was purchased for me at a garage sale.

I love it. It’s so adorable.

And whoever originally put it together put the piano keys on wrong. Only adds to its character.


See how cute it is! I forgot 1 tiny little thing that was unique about this doll house piano.


It is actually a music box.

That apparently will go off any time it wants to.

The music box is permanently moved to a different area of my house, to reduce further incidents that may happen.

I’m relieved I found the source of the mystery music, but scared that this is some haunted, possessed toy.

It’s been in that box since November. Why did it decide to play today?

Anyone want a possessed piece of doll house furniture?

You can pick it up in my driveway.


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