A is for my Appendix

I’m a day behind on this a-z challenge. It starts April 1st with the letter A. However, I was on some serious drugs. Still am, actually, so ignore my random spelling errors and wording issues.

On Saturday, I had some stabbing pain in my belly. It was quite unpleasant. I didn’t think much of it, because I always have weird belly issues. Sunday, it felt a little better, more of a dull throb than anything.

Monday morning I woke up and it was much worse. So I called the doctor and they got me in. Around noon, I went in and brought all the kids with me. They ran a bunch of tests but couldn’t tell me for sure. So I had to go to the E.R. to get a C/T done.

Those are fun. And by fun, I mean terrifying.

After that, the doctor came in and said my appendix was inflamed and I was going into surgery as soon as everyone arrived.

I remember nothing after that.

It’s now Thursday…or so they tell me.

I don’t believe them. I’m missing a few days. I think it’s time to lay off the strong drugs and make the switch to Advil.

There’s some minor pain in my stomach but nothing terrible.

The hardest thing about this is missing out on everything. As I said before, it’s Thursday. I remember it being Monday. I’m missing serious chunks of time here. I have missed out on a TON this week and I’m so frustrated about that.

It still feels like it should be Monday.

Sorry about this post. I had to get A out there and these drugs are strong. If I have talked to you at some point, I’m sorry. I don’t remember anything I said. That’s embarrassing.


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