As I survey the lands around me (my kitchen cabinets/fridge), I’ve been noticing the lack of goods. No milk means dry cereal. Except we are out of cereal now. We are also out of everything else. I was about to have a spoonful of peanut butter mixed with dry oats for breakfast, until I found an old granola bar in the back of my cabinet.

Since the normal gatherer of the household could not obtain food items, (that would be me due to losing an appendix), we’ve been living off of what we hunt for or people bring us.

I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. My husband offered to run to the grocery store for a few select items. But he’s been under a lot of pressure, taking on all the household chores, kid stuff, work stuff and my broken self.

You know what works well when you need food, but can’t leave the house?

Online grocery shopping.

Actually, I played a drugged up version of Online grocery shopping.

I have no idea what I purchased.

I do know that it will be edible. I’m also pretty sure it involved donuts.

I’m so sorry, Jalon.

However, our cabinets will no longer be barren.

The gatherer has gathered, while fighting the effects of some serious narcotics. Pretty impressive, am I right?

Not only will food be here, it will deliver itself today. I will eat donuts at some point today.

That fills me with joy.

Goal for the day: Complete.

Now back to staring at the wall and making my drool quotient for the day.


7 thoughts on “Barren

  1. Enjoy the donuts. You may just get used to this delivery thing and begin to like it. Apparently everything is delivered in Cairo where we are moving to… water, groceries, all restaurant meals.. sound strange to me but I think I will have to try it out. Especially the heavy jugs of water… Take care, Cheryl

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  2. Hope you soon feel better but glad to see you are following the challenge. I’m a great fan of online shopping. Hope you don’t get too many nasty surprises in yours or find you forgot the toilet paper! 😉

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  3. how fun you are – i live in a similar land of dry cereal and barren cabinets, but it’s every weekend and i haven’t had surgery. but i do love the online shopping!
    stay up beat, you’re doing great!
    happy b/c day!

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  4. Oh goodness I hope you recover soon. I am impressed with your shopping skills though, maybe D could be doughnuts and you can tell us how nice they were haha! Seriously though, get well soon and enjoy your doughnuts!

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