I need to play catch up real quick with my A to Z posts. Now that I’m finally feeling better and not taking some heavy narcotics, I should be able to stay on track. Hopefully.

But, because I missed a few days, I need to do those letters first.

Here’s my letter C- Coloring.

I love to color. Sounds really stupid. I know.

I color with my kids every chance I get. However, it gets old fast, because they always want to share the coloring page and I’m very picky.

And working with crayons is not my idea of a good time.

But my sister brought me over something really cool when I was down last week from the surgery.

She brought me an adult coloring book.

Yes, they make such things. And these beautiful markers.

All this stuff is actually my Moms and I’m just borrowing it for now, but I’m enjoying myself so much, I might have to go and purchase my own.

unnamed (34)

See? Pretty cool, right?

I realize now, the words “Adult Coloring Book” could have a completely different meaning. This picture would not upload, so I tried to google the words “Adult Coloring Book”. Wow. I had NO idea. I made sure my image would upload so you would know what I meant by “Adult Coloring Book”.


2 thoughts on “Coloring

  1. multitaskingmam says:

    That’s too funny, I am not sure whether I want to google it now or not. I also love colouring and have a book to colour SHOES … two loves together.


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