E will be for Easter. Makes sense, since it JUST HAPPENED.

Our Easter was pretty laid back, due to the amount of drugs I’m still on. I am working them out of my schedule though. I’m ready to shake of the haze and deal with the pain.

But, drugs did make Easter a little more interesting.

unnamed (35)

This was the dying of Easter Eggs. Declan was asleep and snoring on the floor on the other side. That is why I’m missing a child. We saved him a few eggs, don’t worry.

unnamed (36)

Jalon wanted to be included. This picture just shows how creepy he can really be.

After this point is when things became complicated.

I decided to take a pill. A good strong one. My stab wounds were hurting and I wanted to be able to sleep. (Ok, not real stab wounds, but seriously, it sounds much more interesting that way…)

However, I still had to put together the Easter Baskets. No offense to my husband, but that is not a task he can be trusted with.

Although, I’m not sure he could have done any worse.

I had to wait about 2 hours after I took a pill to put them all together. Not my best plan.

There were names on the Easter Baskets. I had 2 green and 1 pink. I started out by putting Evan’s stuff into the basket labeled Declan.

Jalon had to point that out for me.

I fixed it. Or so I thought…

I ended up putting Evan’s stuff into the only pink basket.

Seriously. How hard is my job?!

We woke up the next morning and Evan was like, “Mommy, the Easter bunny gave me the pink basket this year!”

“Shi…I mean shoot. Well, he must have been sleepy.”

Jalon just sat there laughing. Thanks for the help, husband.

Not like it mattered much. Everything is now scattered all over the living room floor anyway.

unnamed (38)

The Easter bunny also thought it was helpful to label everything with post-its. The Easter bunny needs to lay off the narcotics.


6 thoughts on “Easter

  1. multitaskingmam says:

    Ah yes, I was on post stabbing “drugs” over Christmas … it was a VERY laid back time for me anyway. I have found a few items in various places around the house that I had stashed away for Christmas so the kids kept getting gifts for about a month afterwards … at least they were happy.


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