Finally! A Post about my Guinea Pigs!

I’m combining 2 letters today, because I want to and I can.

FINALLY! I’m able to sit up. FINALLY, after 2 weeks of healing from surgery, getting some sort of virus that wouldn’t allow me to see straight or eat food, I’m able to get back on here and write!


Ok, enough with the F. I’m over it.

Now I’m doing a quick post about my Guinea Pigs.

Because they are cute and why the heck not.

We have 2 guinea pigs- Gus-Gus and Gizmo.

Gus-Gus, is about 2 years old. We adopted him from someone my husband knows at work. Apparently, he was abandoned in an apartment building and needed a new home. He’s a sweetie. Well, to me he is. I don’t think Gus-Gus is a fan of Jalon.



He’s noshing on some greens. Gus-Gus will really only eat greens. Everything else just sits there and rots.

I felt bad for him, thinking the life of a guinea pig was going to be a lonely one. So I FINALLY convinced my husband to buy another one.

The only reason I was so lucky, is because he’s so damn cute!



This is Gizmo. He’s just a baby. He has these adorable whirls in his fur, gives him a Mohawk.

He’s also scared to death of everything. Can’t say I blame him. I have 3 kids that think he’s the cutest thing ever.

Now if we could just get the two guinea pigs to like each other…working on that part nice and slow.


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