I adore Instagram.

I decided to show you some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken since I’ve started my Instagram account. I kept them in a collage form and categories, nice and neat.


My spouse and I, on our numerous adventures. One of those was a vow renewal for our 10 year anniversary.


Some of my pinup pictures, when I mess with my hair/makeup.


Everyone has to have food pictures. Duh. Except, now I’m really wanting that ice cream pictured in the middle again. So good!


These were some random favorites. I had to add them.


My oldest, Evan. Such a goof. And his very first black eye.


Then there’s Declan. Walking disaster. It’s a good thing he’s so darn adorable.


And my girl. She’s a charmer. I adore her.


Finally, I realized I had quite a few pictures of Declan playing dress-up. That needed its very own category.

Feel free to look me up on Instagram. I should be under mycrazyfamilycircus. I can’t promise there won’t be some weird pictures. Follow at your own risk.


LOVE COMMENTS! Bring them on!

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