I’m making my J-post about my sweet, adorable husband, Jalon.


I interviewed him for you, because I talk about him a lot on here and it will help you understand…stuff. It’s basically a get-to-know you style questionnaire. I will also add my own comments just for fun. I write the blog, I will do what I want.

1. What’s your favorite movie of all time?

Jalon: (Looking thoroughly confused at this…) “RAD.” Me: “What the hell is that?” Jalon: “It’s a movie with Lori Laughlin.” (Insert random singing here, of what I’m assuming is the movie’s theme song…) Me: “I’ve never heard of this or ever seen you watch this movie.” Jalon: (Still singing the theme song, to what I’m guessing, is the worst movie ever.)

2. What is your guilty pleasure?

Jalon: (He’s confused again. I’ve stumped him with my tricky questions.) “I enjoy watching Teen Mom.” Me: “Yup. That should make you feel awful to admit. Good one.”

3. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Jalon: “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!” Me: “Really?” (Once again, never really seen him eat that kind. Weird. I feel like I don’t even KNOW him!)

4. Mountains or Beach?

Jalon: “Mountains.” Me: “I would choose neither. Both make me sick. I pick grass. Maybe Farmland. Or a shopping mall.”

5. Sweet or Salty?

Jalon: “Salty.” Huh…my guess was wrong again. Although, I did just watch him wash down a milkshake with a bag of jelly beans…would be confusing to anyone.

6. Night out or Night in?

Jalon: “Night out!!!” He actually scoffed at me for assuming he would even consider the other option. Excuse me for being the only one that LIKES to stay at home and wear pj’s all day.

7. When do you feel the most loved?

Jalon: “When you cook me my favorite meal. Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and corn.” Ew. Then you must not like feeling loved a lot. Because I never make that, for good reason. Like I’m trying to keep him alive. That should make him feel loved.

8. What brings you the most happiness?

Jalon: “Being around the whole family.” Huh. My guess was the complete opposite.

9. What is your least favorite chore?

Jalon: “Dusting.” Once again, my guess was all of them. What do I know?

10. What can I do to make your life easier?

Jalon: (After staring at me for a good solid, and creepy, minute.) “Get a job.” Damn. Thanks.

11. What do you enjoy most about being a parent?

Jalon: “Watching them grow up. Faster they grow, faster they move out.” I have no words for that.

12. What does your dream date night include?

Jalon: “Taking my classic car out and going to a Drive-In, with other classic cars and people who enjoy taking about classic cars.” Are you serious? Am I on this “date” with you? I’m going to say no. His ideal date is talking to gear heads about cars. Wow.

So that’s it for getting to know my spouse. Hope you learned something new. I certainly did…


3 thoughts on “Jalon

  1. ktlwalker says:

    Love it! I should’ve done this for ‘L’! My husband’s name is Luke and I couldn’t think of anything to write about…oops…


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