Lazy Life

This is a day late, only because I actually had to do it first. It’s a Day in the Life of me!

Yea! Just what you’ve always wanted! I’m pretty boring. Prepare yourself for the yawns.


8:00-9:00- Get kids to school (Not pictured, but their mess is) and work on blog while getting my caffeine fix.


9-10- Snack time! Thank you Bittersweet Bakery! The lemon poppy-seed muffins were PERFECT! Even after being frozen. Love me a gluten-free treat. But when the piggies heard my muffin wrapper, they started squeaking for their snack. And then back to the blog.


10-11-Caffeine fix #2. Iced mocha. Hamburger meat out for dinner. Blog work and get ready to pick up kids from bus stop still wearing jammies. I also prep their lunch before they arrive. Makes life easier.


11-12- Twins are home! My lunch and more work. Those chips are awesome!


12-1- Took an outdoor break with the twins. Found one of my spoons outside. Ew. Was wondering why my spoons were missing…time to fix that.


1-2- Tantrum/timeout for Morgan. She’s sassy. I took a shower and we ran to Target to buy more spoons. I buy the cheap ones, because of kids.


2-3- Quick trip to the hair place for some stuff. Pick up Evan from school. Start doing kitchen.


3-4- Sister came over with her dog. Skip dishes for now for playtime with cute doggie. Wore out the dog and the kids.


4-5- Husband came home. Realized I should be doing dishes. But I’m hungry. Made dinner instead. TACO TUESDAY!


5-7- This was mostly consumed with us eating, then getting ready for dance. We walked to dance that night. She did ballet, I did work on my blog again. Then we walked home.


7-7:30- Kids played outside, Jalon worked in garage, and I cleaned the kitchen. I actually finished this time.


7:30-8- Jammies, cartoons, snuggle with a piggy and apparently, foot picking time. Yum.


8- Bedtime! I also set up a “spa” for Jay and I. Nice little moment for pampering. My feet needed some love since sandal season has arrived.


8-9- Didn’t get too much here. I watched my show, Outlander, we soaked and I had a delicious gluten-free snack.


9-10- After doing my feet, my husband was confused. So I had to do his too. What I really needed was a sand blaster…

10-11- We relaxed and watched iZombie and went to bed.

Eventful, right? Thought so.


11 thoughts on “Lazy Life

  1. wendyj59 says:

    Sounds a normal day for someone with young kids to me. But you did well to fit the pampering in on top of everything else 🙂


  2. David M. Brown says:

    I’m hugely impressed at the amount you manage to get done in one day. I take my hat off to you.

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge 🙂


  3. Oh my goodness! You had me rolling with the foot scrub. I cannot imagine doing that to my husband! He’d kick me in the face b/c he is so ticklish! Thanks for the laugh!


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