Marriage has been one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever faced. I love my husband. Adore him. He’s wonderful. He’s a pain in my ass. We argue over stupid crap. Sometimes I want to poke him with a fork. Other times I just want him to hug me until I can’t breathe.


11 years ago we were married. April 17th, 2004. Feels like forever…

We decided to do a questionnaire type thing Our Love Story-

Basically, I asked him questions and didn’t tell him my answer. He will find out what I have to say the same time you do.

1. How did we meet?

Jalon: “We met at a dorm party (military)- Thanksgiving 2001. You walked in on a party we were having in the dayroom.” Me: “He’s forgetting our very first encounter. He was working swing shift and on his way to the chow hall. I ran into him at that point. It was a quick introduction, but technically, it was our first time meeting.”

2. What was your first impression of me?

Jalon: “Shy.” Me: “Cocky.” We were both right.

3. Tell about the most memorable date:

Jalon: “The only date I can remember is the one where we took motorcycles down to see a movie.” Pretty sure that stands out only because I freaked out when we hit 120 mph. Me: “One of my favorite dates is when we spent the evening in, eating dinner, carving pumpkins for Halloween and watching a movie.”

4. How did you propose?

Jalon: “Oh really?! We have to get into this too? Fine. I got drunk and gave you a ring.” So romantic…right? How could I refuse? He did have a plan but it backfired. Me: “It was a little sweeter than that, but I was pretty tossed. It was on Veterans Day.”

5. What do you love about me?

Jalon: “Sense of humor, Mechanical aptitude, and Kind hearted…soft on the inside with a hard shell coating. Like an M&M.” Awesome…he also said I was like a sour patch kid from the commercial, first sour, then sweet. Me: “Sense of humor, ability to fix any problem, and his ability to roll with my crazy.”

6. Regarding your children, explain your feelings as each one came into your life:

Jalon: “With Evan, I felt a new sense of responsibility. I had someone else to take care of. When the twins came, it was more “Aww shit”. Me: “Same.”

7. Favorite shows to watch together?

Jalon: “Gilmore Girls, Vampire Diaries, Mike and Molly and Americas Next Top Model.” Me: “I like the shows that have us competing, like the reality ones.”

8. Who controls the remote?

Jalon: “Both. We have two.” Me: “Yup.”

9. Who’s the better cook in the kitchen?

Jalon: “Me. I used to get paid for it.” Me: “Yeah, 20 years ago. I’m totally the better cook. The kitchen is my domain. I will fight you for it. Oh wait, I don’t have to because you never actually use it, you just talk a big game!” That’s right. I’m starting a war…

10. Do you believe people can be madly in love, even when their old and gray?

Jalon: “Yes”. He says, while staring at his iPad…Me: “If technology dies, yes.”

11. When temptation runs high, what is my favorite junk food indulgence?

Jalon: “Ice cream. Or cake. Or gluten-free donut.” Me: “He loves super junk food. The worse it is for you, the more he will like it. Like a brownie, topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and sprinkled with chocolate chips. Then he would snack on jelly beans after.”



6 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. wendyj59 says:

    Lovely idea. Although we’ve been happily married for many years I’m sure my hubby would get lots of the questions wrong lol


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