a person lacking common sense, a person who lacks good sense or judgment
Would you like an example? I happen to have one.
It’s ME!
Oh yes, indeed. I’m the fool. An idiot. I completely lack good sense and judgment. Want to see why?
This was me this past fall/winter. Red hair. I watched a ton of tutorials on youtube on how to dye my hair like a real professional. I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and bought all the supplies. It was so CHEAP! I was thrilled.
I was even more thrilled when it actually worked!
However, spring came around, and I was tired of red. I wanted my blond hair back. Not as easy.
I finally talked Jalon into letting me get my hair professionally done. Just one time. I figured if I could get it “close enough” to being blond, I could do the rest on my own. I was so smart!
3 hours and $200.00 later, my hair is halfway there! I cried a little. The hairdresser did micro-foils in my hair. She also said, in order to get the blond I want, we would have to do that again. There was no way I could pay $200 again.
If I told Jalon I needed to go for another hair appointment, I’m pretty sure I would wake up in the middle of the night with him shaving my head.
Not happening.
I was going to have to take my chances with Sally’s again.
But instead of an all over hair dye, I would do highlights. The hairdresser made it look so easy! I could do that! Plus, with all those youtube videos, how could I fail?!
Yeah. Turns out it’s MUCH harder to do foils on your own head. I called in reinforcements. He sucks at it too. Although, his highlights did turn out better than mine.
I was smiling in this picture. I might have been high on fumes. There’s no way I should be smiling. I should have been terrified. I should have ripped those foils out of my head, washed it with tons of soap, and prayed the damage wasn’t too bad.
But I didn’t.
I left it in there, while giggling at my husband helping me.
Dumbass girl.
Yup. That’s me. And my super fried hair. It was so torn up by the bleach, my ends were gummy. I freaked out. Ran around for a few minutes thinking my hair was going to fall out. It didn’t. At least not yet.
I have some seriously interesting colors now. I might just let Jalon shave it off at this point.
I went back into Sally’s and bought myself some “repair” stuff. Apparently, this was going to save my hair. I thought it was worth a shot before just giving myself a buzz cut.
This was the protein stuff. It looked and smelled like urine. It also made my hair stiff and crunchy. Although, very soft. Still a bit off, but better!
I rinsed out the piss smell, added some conditioner and my hair feels so pretty!
Now…I have to fix the color.
I’m so scared to dye it again. Pretty sure it will all just fall out.
Not sure what’s worse at this point. There’s no way I could go back into the salon now. I’m just going to buy a nice simple blond color and do an all over color instead of highlights.
Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “Nincompoop

  1. The red looks great! I tried red but my hair is soooo dark that it didn’t really do anything.

    Then I went purple, but it didn’t last very long (as in, it washed out quickly), so now I have blonde highlights. And very dark roots. At this point, I’m just giving up coloring my hair.

    As for your blonde… good luck. 😉


  2. Ah you’re braver than me! I last dyed my hair when I was teen and never again. No bad experiences I just don’t mess with it ha. Hope you get it looking how you want with little fuss and no fall outs!


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