Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen

Dear People of Picazzo’s,

I’m here to pitch an idea to you. Please, hear me out. I’m not crazy. I promise. I am a slightly obsessed fan, but what do you expect when you serve the most delicious food I’ve ever had?

Here’s my story first: I’m a Minnesota girl. My husband, born in Arizona, would love to move back. But it’s really hot down there. Like, flaming depths of hell, hot. I’m not a huge fan of hot. However, I’m a HUGE fan of Picazzo’s.

We are a gluten-free family. It’s hard as heck to find a good gluten-free place to eat around here. I just had an attack of gluten from eating out at a restaurant and now I’m terrified to eat out again. It was horrible. Celiac Disease is no joke. And if we do find some gluten-free options, you can tell they are gluten-free by their taste. It’s a huge disappointment. It’s almost not worth going out of the house to eat anymore!

It was last October, my husband and I were visiting family in Arizona. We stumbled across your place on our hunt for gluten-free food. Honestly, I was scared. How good could it actually be? I’ve been disappointed SO MANY TIMES!

However, your staff reassured me that my food would be well taken care of. And the food that arrived, THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR MY PURE JOY AT THE TASTE. It was as if the angels from heaven, were hand delivered by God, down to Earth, just to make that meal. I was actually scared at first! There’s no WAY that this delicious food is gluten-free!

Here’s what I had to eat:


Good God! This was the Chipotle Chicken and it was so perfect! It was spicy and tasty! I couldn’t stop eating it! I’m actually craving it now…

Not only did you have gluten-free pasta options, you offered this:

unnamed (16)

That’s right. Gluten-free Cheese bread. I convinced my husband to eat there two of the three nights we were in Arizona. I had that delectable cheese bread each time. I wanted to eat there for EVERY MEAL! I’m drooling looking at these photos!

Here’s my suggestion: Please, please, please, come to Minnesota! I will build you a place, by hand, if needed. I will promote your business like crazy! I will eat there at least 3 times a week! PLEASE COME TO MINNESOTA! OUR WINTERS AREN’T TOO BAD! AND WE REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, NEED A GOOD, HEALTHY OPTION UP HERE!  Your restaurant offers food that I can’t seem to find up here.

Please. Give us some good food up here in the slightly-chilly north.

I need you. Celiac’s and other gluten-free friends need you too.

Thank you for your consideration on this SUPER IMPORTANT MATTER!

Sincerely, Danielle Sortor.

(For those of you, not located in Arizona, yet would like to know what I’m talking about, please check out their website: http://www.picazzos.com/)


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