One of my favorite things to do, is tour grocery stores. I love it when a new one opens in town, or if I’m visiting somewhere, I make sure to go into every grocery store I find.

Why am I so obsessed?

Because I’m always trying to find new gluten-free items. Each store offers a different selection, a new variety of something or a great bakery option.

Today, we went on a Quest to a newly opened grocery store that was 15 minutes away from home.


It’s never a great idea to bring two kids with you to a store, especially, when you aren’t on an actual mission. I was there to wander around a bit. They suck at that. In fact, halfway through, Declan started to yell that his “Weiner hurt” every where we walked. Awesome timing. The more I tried to shush him, the louder he got.


Our gluten-free finds were plentiful! We each had an awesome cookie as a reward. I was the only one that actually earned the reward, but I was in a sharing mood.

My most favorite find would have to be the Gluten-Free BBQ Chicken Pizza! I’m so darn excited to bake that up and see how it turns out! The other items, I haven’t seen before either, so I’m also excited to give them a shot. We’ll see how it turns out.

Our Quest was a success, in my opinion!


4 thoughts on “Quest

  1. Oh my… I so remember those days, even the brain damage hasn’t been able to take away those memories. Enjoy the times they are willing to be seen in public with you for the middle school years are painful. Loved the post!


  2. Oh my gosh, snap! I even do it when on holiday, reach destination, de gluten apartment / hotel room / guest room, go to nearest grocery store! lol. Ive seen more food shops in most locations then tourist attractions! 🙂


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