Rotten Sickness

Once again, here I am trying to play catch-up on my blog.

Seriously, April can kiss my blubber butt.

I can’t seem to catch up! My appendix came out at the beginning of the month. Then, just as that was healing, I started getting dizzy from all the meds. After I started feeling better from that, I accidentally consumed gluten and had “those” issues for a weekend. FINALLY, just when things were getting back to normal, I could catch up on here and catch up on housework, the twins come down with a stomach flu.


Great timing.

So now, instead of being ahead of the game, I am once again playing catch-up. Mostly on here and in laundry. I’ve never realized how important having extra bedding would be. Although, with two kids sick at the same time, I could have used an extra bathroom as well.

They seem to be getting better now. I thought they were getting better yesterday, but it was just a trick. They both woke up in the middle of the night, getting sick all over again. Bleh.

So sorry for combining two letters again! But at this moment in time, it’s the best I have.


See? This is my life right now. What I really want is a Haz-mat suit and a GIANT barrel of Lysol.

untitled (20)

This is the EXACT set up I’m looking for! It’s perfect! Anyone have a spare suit I could borrow? I would appreciate it! I’m also going to need one of those sprayer thingies for my Lysol too. And maybe a fan, to clear out all the Lysol smell. I’ll have to wash all bedding and stuffed animals. Lots of work ahead of me.

Maybe we should just burn the house down and start all over…


5 thoughts on “Rotten Sickness

  1. Oh goodness your poor household! It’s just started to get summer like here and I have a friggen cold thing going on. I feel rough! Venture to my blog and you’ll see I’m going to be on mission catch up from tomorrow!!


  2. My oldest son once threw up, from his top bunk, all over his brother and their entire bedroom. My husband peeked in as I was staring to clean it up and asked, “How bad is it?”
    I said, “we need to sell the house and move.”
    I hope everyone’s feeling better soon.


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