New Experiment- Day 2

*This is my attempt at a rewrite. For some reason, my last few attempts at posting weren’t working the way I wanted. Only half of my post would publish. WordPress…you’re making me cranky. Just in case you already read it and it sounds different, I thought I would offer up an explanation. I’ve had to rewrite the same post several different times.

Day 2 of the New Experiment. I was going to link back to my previous post, but for some reason, it doesn’t want me to do that. So sorry. Quick description: I’ve decided to reduce some of our waste and excess in the area of “food”. I took on a challenge, for one week, to not do ANY grocery shopping. We cannot pick up anything from anywhere. At all.

This includes the random craving for a milkshake. Let it go. Wasn’t easy, but I managed.

And running out of eggs and milk has really forced me to be creative with how I do things around here.

Here’s how day 2 went in our house:


I found a frozen block of chili hiding in my freezer. I always double a batch for this reason alone. However, in the past, I would forget about it and inevitably throw it out. Not this time.

And the mac n’  cheese I had is for the picky children. I found a bag of cornmeal, toss in a few ingredients and *poof* gluten-free cornbread! (There’s no such thing as a “few” ingredients when it comes to gluten-free baking. But it was delicious. Worth it.)


What happens when it takes to long to thaw? I start feeling a little stabby.


Only one child ate the chili. The boys ate their mac n’ cheese. Gross.


Jalon hiding his cold sore from view. That thing needs its own zip code at this point. It should be paying rent to live with us.

That bottle of lemonade came in handy. Chili, even after being stored in the freezer for a few months, does not loose any of the spice. It was hot. Flames were eating my tongue.

So good.


Remember how I said I’m running out of things. We are almost out of milk but officially out of cereal. My kids, without their morning cereal, will go on strike and form a protest. Blankies will burn and Legos will be thrown.

In order to avoid that, I had to use some “gently aged” bananas to make their favorite muffins.


And, if you dig around my kitchen long enough, you may just find treasure. Like a bag of mini-chocolate chips that were apparently saved for an occasion such as this.

Be prepared: Once you add chocolate chips to banana muffins, you kids will never eat another banana muffin without them.


And they look so good, right?

You would be wrong.

I made banana bricks. You could build a retaining wall with these puppies. However, these are the days of NO WASTE. I put a few of those in the microwave and breakfast is served. The kids like them. I tasted one and wasn’t impressed. The chocolate chips couldn’t save these.


One thought on “New Experiment- Day 2

  1. Thank goodness the kids like the muffins anyways. Without cereal, you now have a back-up I guess. What an interesting week you are having. Wonder what you will be eating next!


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