The New Experiment- Day 3

* Once again, because my blog is being a butt, I cannot link you back to the first post where I go into details. Sorry.

Day 3 went better than day 2. However, I’m starting to worry. My coffee supply is dwindling down to nothing. We are heading into a dangerous zone.  I just have to make it two more days. My goal is Saturday. If I can make it to Saturday, I will be thrilled. But I have one K-cup left.

Do I save it?

Do I savor it now?

Do I use it twice? Is that gross? Or am I just desperate?

Anyway, here’s Day 3:


I should have been taking pictures of lunches too. The twins are at home for lunch, so it’s been interesting using what we have. Fortunately for me, I usually have an endless supply of bread and peanut butter. Score!

We even found some cheesesticks in the fridge. Made their day. Easy.


I don’t often eat lunch, because I’m not always that hungry. But I had some leftover cornbread and a bag of clementine’s. Perfect.


Dinner time! I had this pasta from Aldi’s last week. Not sure what I was saving it for, but it definitely came in handy! I also found a can of sauce and a random onion. There was JUST ENOUGH garlic leftover from some other meal and I put it to good use.


And then there’s the lettuce. I love having a salad with pasta. Unfortunately, all I had left was a couple heads of iceberg leftover from our previous taco nights.


BUT, add in some pepperoni, sprinkles of Parmesan cheese and a few green olives (yes, I found 3 jars in my fridge…I must really like olives!) and you have yourself a delicious salad! We are going gourmet!


Not too shabby! I enjoyed it. The kids ate it. Husband inhaled it. We didn’t have leftovers. I call this day a win!


Morgan ate her ravioli like a taco. Weirdo.


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