The New Experiment- Day 4

Kill me.

This experiment is going to kill me.

I’m officially out of everything!

I have one more night to make it through!

Send help!!!

Here’s what happened yesterday:


I had some frozen chicken that I thawed out, seasoned and tossed on the grill. There are no pictures of that. Use your imagination. It’s chicken. Pretty sure you can figure that out.

But the picture I DID take, was the ingredients I used for a quick pasta salad.


Here’s a HORRIBLE picture of the pasta salad!! What’s on top of it? Well, that would be an old head of cauliflower I found in the fridge drawer. I chopped it up really small and called it cheese. Sometimes you have to get creative with your veggies to get the kids to shut up and eat them. QUIT QUESTIONING ME. IT’S FOOD. PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH AND CHEW.

I get a little irritated at all the “What’s this?”, “Why do you make us eat icky food?” or “Who let you be a Mommy?”.


This was my face when I realized I had to grill in the rain. It sucks. Chicken takes FOREVER when it has to cook in the rain. I was feeling cranky at this point. You can’t really tell though, that’s just my normal face.


This morning, after I completely gave up, I poured an entire bag of granola in a bowl for breakfast. Seriously. We are so out of food right now. I don’t even like granola. There are 3 banana chocolate chip muffin things left for the kids for breakfast tomorrow, so I didn’t want to eat those. All I could find was a bag of granola, a few lemons (that may or may not be growing a form of penicillin) and grass that’s growing out of little plastic cups the kids gave me for Mother’s Day.


Then I’m going to grocery shop my ass off!

Just kidding…


I really do miss food. Although, I will say, this has given me a bit of insight on how much food I buy versus what we actually consume. I should really pay more attention when I put something in my cart at the store.

Can’t wait to show you how tonight goes…the kids have been asking for our pizza. Typically, Friday night is eat-out night.

Hate to break it to you, kiddos, but tonight is going to be, RANDOM FOOD NIGHT! I have no idea what I’m going to make, but it’s going to be AWESOME!

Pray for us.


4 thoughts on “The New Experiment- Day 4

  1. We try to have a clean out the fridge buffet night about once a week. Sometimes it’s lunch if there aren’t enough leftovers to make a full meal. Works OK with 2 people who aren’t picky eaters but maybe not for a family.


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