Canadian Adventures

Well, we survived our trip to Canada.

It wasn’t always easy, but it was fun.

The plane ride out went well, despite leaving an hour earlier than we originally thought. I drugged myself and slept the entire way there. Nothing like making time pass by sleeping through it.


This was us taking off. I’m pumped full of Dramamine at this point. Just about to plop.

As far as I know, we had a great flight. I drooled on the window and kept my headphones in to drown out the noise.


I woke up for the landing! Canada looks a lot like Minnesota. Canada…where are you hiding the mountains?

20150522_124548 (2)

The airport sign. I don’t know why I have this picture. I was still pretty heavily drugged. I slept again after this. We had an hour until we reached our hotel.

IMG_20150522_155506 (2)

At last! Mountains! We found our hotel, in Canmore, surrounded by them. So beautiful!

Aroma was our restaurant of choice for that evening. Which ended up being quite delicious. After all that adventure, I was ready for bed again…

This was day one of our adventure. Not too exciting, I know, but it will get better! Stay tuned…


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