Video Time

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted.

Here’s a quick update for you:

I’ve been working on my youtube channel a little bit and have added some new series on there.

We are starting a Masterchef Junior Monday (which is Evan’s version of Masterchef Junior- but gluten-free).

I’m doing Wisdom Wednesday- a how-to guide for stupid crap I come up with.

And then there’s 5 Tips Friday. Because I like how it sounds.

Here are some videos that I’ve posted recently:

It’s taken me so long to edit and post these videos, I haven’t had much time for anything else. Sorry about that. Hopefully these will help make up for my lack of writing here.


One thought on “Video Time

  1. Yup I am Canadian and have tried almost all of those! Hate the sponge and the winegums, but did grow up on the sesame snaps and loved those until I became allergic to sesame! My favourite brand of chips is Old Dutch but the ketchup..not so much… the salt and vinegar rocks though! My husband loves those cherry chocolate things… I don’t. He can eat them like your husband did. And aeros… the bubbly kind.. love love love them. Funny post – interesting to see what is Cdn. from other’s perspectives. I wouldn’t know. I just know that our chocolate bars are quite different from each other.


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