Check In for June


June was a wee bit hectic. I’m actually relieved to have it behind me. Bring on July!

Between the two weeks of VBS stuff, 2 kids with dance recitals, Evan having camp and Declan’s soccer games, I’m just ready to call it quits for the summer.

I haven’t been able to really do much for myself. Which isn’t a big deal, except I kind of committed myself to doing this blog and even adding videos. Blah.

But now I can start playing catch-up before my world goes all crazy again.

Kids all have more events, camps and sports that will eventually fill up my days again. So here’s my life in a brief, outline form.

I did another photo shoot.

It was lots of fun!

Very hot and muggy, but still turned out OK.

11053560_10155733800485427_2522389065223612304_o 11539240_1463228933971077_8023427464001059427_o 11223731_10152867231571960_7957427437480966415_o


There was a parade in June as well…a very large parade.

I brought one plastic bag.

I could have used 2 more to hold all that we brought home with us.

They need to hand out suitcases for all this junk…although, I did get a ton of chip clips. I always need those.



A cute picture of the twins. Morgan was Declan’s cheerleader for the entire season and during the last game, he finally scored a goal! I was so proud of him!

The other day, our Savers was having a 50% off sale. (Savers is a thrift store.) I was so excited!

I had to bring the kids with me and bribed them with 1 toy each if they behaved during the process. Which they barely managed to do…

There were these “grab bags” of miscellaneous toys at the check-out counter. These baggies are regular sandwich bags, so there was no hiding what was inside.

Evan picked a bag of random Transformer parts, hoping he could put together 1 Transformer from the whole bag.

Declan found one with a fire truck inside.

Morgan picked one that had 2 My Little Ponies in it.

They each tore open their baggies once we were inside the vehicle and found a few fun things. Declan’s bag had a set of toy keys in it. Turns out, they are quite loud and annoying. He’s thrilled. Of course.

Inside Morgan’s bag, hiding with the ponies, was this:


Just one Barbie head. That’s it.


Who the hell decided that was a good idea? The kids thought it was hilarious and played “hot potato” with it in the back seat.

What person bagging these toys decided that should be an item to keep? Morgan actually likes it and wants to play with it.

I don’t know many people with just heads, so I don’t know how they get around. I might just attach her to something for now, so she can pretend?




And delicious. When does my “Best Mom of the Year” Award arrive?


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