Taylor Swift has me confused.

I love listening to Taylor Swift.

Her music is so much fun to sing along to.

And boy do I sing along to it…loudly.

Unfortunately for me, I’ve been singing her lyrics all wrong. Out loud. For the whole world to hear.

This is not my fault. It’s hers. How is it my fault that the words I hear when she sings are the incorrect words?

I think the song should change to fit what it actually sounds like she’s saying.

For example:

In her song, Blank Space, I hear this:

“So it’s gonna be forever,

Or it’s gonna go down in flames,

You can tell me when it’s over

If the high was worth the pain,

Got to love those Starbucks lovers

They’ll tell you I’m insane,

‘Cause you know I love the players

And you love the game.”

So apparently, she’s not actually singing about her Starbucks Lovers. Sad. I really like Starbucks.

The line is actually this:

Got a long list of ex-lovers


I wasn’t that far off. But Starbucks lovers is clearly the better fit here.


I knew I wasn’t the only one hearing these lyrics. There’s something about they way she sings that makes me screw up the words.

In her song Wildest Dreams, I sing this line:

Say you’ll remember me,

Standing in an ice chest, staring at the sunset, babe.

So, ok…standing in an ice chest, didn’t seem like something she would really say, but that’s exactly what it sounded like, so that’s what I would sing.

And even now that I know the correct lyrics:

Say you’ll remember me,

Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset, babe.

I still picture her standing in an ice chest.

Maybe her feet were hot? Maybe they were sore? Maybe she was a little tipsy and thought it was a pool? I don’t know! I don’t find it that unrealistic to be standing in an ice chest, staring at the sunset.

I see nothing wrong with standing in an ice chest. I’m not sure that’s how I want a handsome man to remember me by, but it could be worse.

Who would be easier for you to remember? The girl in a nice dress or the girl standing in an ice chest?

Seriously. It only makes sense.

What is wrong with me? Please tell me I’m not the only one that can’t hear her lyrics correctly…

I feel like I should be embarrassed to write this, when young kids can understand exactly what she’s saying.


4 thoughts on “Taylor Swift has me confused.

  1. multitaskingmam says:

    Oh I do this all the time too. I have 11 and 13 year old girls … I don’t live it down, in fact they deliberately sing the wrongs words whenever we are in the car and those particular songs come on.

    Latest one I screwed up just to make you feel better … “I think I found myself a cheerleader” … nope my version “I think I found myself a teddy bear”. Seriously though what am I going to do with a cheerleader?


  2. Elicia says:

    Ha! My husband and I are avid campers and we were so blown away that Taylor swift would stand in an ice chest. When we sang this song along with the music we would always sing Standing in an ice chest…
    As my seven year old plays DJ on long car trips, my husband always requests, “play the ice chest song”. Even though now I know the words, I still hear ice chest. Thanks so much for your blog… We thought we were the only ones who heard ice chest.


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