My husband has left me.

For China.

Temporarily of course, for work, but still. I’m less than thrilled. However, I’m glad he gets to see some cool parts of the world. I am also glad he didn’t try to drag me along to see them. I’m not a fan of long flights.

However, while he’s been gone, the house has gone into chaos/survival mode.

My kids are acting like they are gremlins that I fed after midnight.

It may have something to do with our crazy moon:

IMG_4156 IMG_4170

So pretty. I sat outside for quite a bit trying to get some pictures. Taking pictures with a huge camera is a lot harder than I thought. I even tried messing with the settings. That had disaster written all over it.

Because my husband has been away, I’ve been trying to make things fun and exciting with the kids, so we don’t drive each other crazy out of pure boredom.

Saturday was awful. My #2 super active child was a nightmare. Screaming and crying at everything. I was really hoping Sunday would turn out better or he was going to be finding a new home.

Sunday went very well. Started out at Church, then went kayaking. It was the PERFECT day to be outside! We had so much fun!


Taking a selfie while Evan paddles me around the river. I will have you know, I paddled quite a bit, but my giant blister I received from all the paddling was starting to hurt!



Quit smiling and get to work, Evan!

After paddling around the river for a few hours, it was time to pack it up for the day. During the “packing” process, we found a GIANT spider.

I’m not lying either, Jalon. This is not me being dramatic.


See? I had my Father-in-Law put his hand next to it, because he was the only one of us brave enough to do so, so I could take this picture. It had a giant egg sack underneath it too.

Time to burn the place down.

After all the work, there was still a little time to kill before dinner.

So I decided to take my husbands baby out of the garage for a ride around town.

His baby happens to be a beautiful 1980′ something CJ7. It’s pretty cool. I never get to drive it when he’s here.

Let me tell you, he was thrilled when I asked.

Oh wait, I didn’t ask.

He’s in CHINA for crying out loud! I’m saving us time and money by not asking him these small stupid questions. Better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission. Right?


It took me awhile to figure out how to get it to start. (Just had to flip a switch and it turned right over.) Then I had to figure out the gears. He apparently doesn’t label them to make things extra exciting.

Thank you for that. However, it didn’t stop me. I found forward, backward and park. That’s all I needed. I have no idea what all the other ones were…I hope not important.

We had a blast!

I’m going to put post-its on the right gears so when I drive it next time, it will be a bit easier. There’s no indicators either…I gave the twins each a flashlight and when I called their name, they blinked it on and off behind them to let the people know we were turning in that direction.

How’s that for inventive? Go me.


One thought on “Chaos

  1. You have a nice blog, and it took my clicking through two other links to get to it. I hope things are going well for you. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. šŸ™‚


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