Suprise! I Actually Finished Something I Started!

My husband has returned from China. Finally. Which means I can share my project with you. Finally.

Because I apparently have nothing better in life to do right now, I come up with crazy project ideas and never really know if I will actually get them done. I can talk myself out of doing a lot of stuff.

However, thanks to my Mother-in-law, we actually managed to finish this project before my husband came home!


Step 1: Chop down bush. This was quite the job. I didn’t know it had so many branches underneath. It was also quite pokey.


The mess I made. Because that’s who I am deep down inside. A huge slob.


My Father-in-law to the rescue! Removing the stump for me!


Then I had to load it all up to take to the dump. Blah. So. Very. Stabby.


Declan walked around the entire time telling me how I was doing this “ALMOST” as good as Daddy. “Good Job, Mommy. You almost did it like Daddy that time.” He almost ended up at the dump.

This rock removal process was actually the worst of it all. I kept finding homes of giant centipedes and some seriously large spiders. They must have been there for awhile, because their size was very intimidating.


Learning to take selfies. Thanks Declan. But you can actually see us working away at removing a few tons of dirt.

Piece of advice: Before doing a project, even if it seems like a super small project, have a very well thought out plan. Like where you’re supposed to put dirt and rock when you dig them out. Because finding a random home right in the middle of a project is probably not ideal.

To Jalon: Sorry about the 6 wheel-barrels of dirt I hid behind the shed. I had no choice.


Declan wanted to play with the camera for a bit while we worked. I had to delete about 70 random images. So glad we’re in the digital age now.


My wonderful Mother-in-law. She not only kept me motivated but really got down and dirty with me.


Our visit to the dump. Not sure I did it right. Not sure if you can actually screw this process up? Found a pile that looked like bushes and tossed mine in there. No one yelled at me, so I guess I was OK.


Our progress after about 3-4 days. ALMOST THERE!


No, we didn’t really know what we were doing. However, I think we did great! It may not last a lifetime, but I’m sure it will get us through a few years.


And the finished product! This entire project all began because of that tiny table and chairs I found for $10. Doesn’t take me long to take things way too far. But look at it! Totally worth it, right?

Exactly what I was hoping my husband would see when he arrived.

We made a patio area just in time for it to snow…

Great timing, huh?

Well, we’ll enjoy it until it does.


3 thoughts on “Suprise! I Actually Finished Something I Started!

  1. Funny post…great job!!! axing how a ten dollar purchase turns into a major project costing more than the actual purchase itself in terms of time and labor..:) but it was all worth it in the end.


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