Minnesnowta?-Or MinnetoowarmforNovemberta

I went for a run the other day. In Minnesota. In November. Wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I was hot.

And confused.

Minnesota is experiencing some wonderfully warm weather for November. This is a bit unusual. However, I’m going to just enjoy it and keep pretending the world is just fine and this is normal.

But if December arrives without the appearance of a single snowflake, I may throw a little fit.

I live up here for a reason.

Every single season follows a very specific pattern. I know what to expect and when to expect it. I don’t accept change easily.

Great. It’s warm. Glad everyone is enjoying it. But there’s a part of me that’s ready for the cooler weather. I have recipes that I’m ready to bust out! I kind of want to turn on my fireplace now! I pull out the thicker blankets, sweaters, hats and mittens for a reason! Now, GIVE ME A REASON!

I know there’s someone out there, cursing me for encouraging the cold to arrive.

I’ve waited a good amount of time before putting up a fuss. November is an acceptable time for it to officially cool down. Get over it.

I’m sitting here, with my windows open, trying to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. It would be easier to enjoy if I weren’t sweating.

There’s nothing better than the first snowfall of the year…all those beautiful, fat, fluffy snowflakes, slowly taking over our city. It gets so peaceful and calm. Everything just glows in winter.

Yes, after March, we all just want the brown ice to just go away, but right now, I’m waiting for the first magical snowfall of the season. Just not sure it will arrive anytime soon.

I may end up waiting until March to see the first snowfall.

Until then, I will sit here in ignorance, drinking my coffee and pretending that it’s 20 degrees out.


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