Super Speedy Update


It has been quite a bit of time since I have even looked at this site…

I took a break from it for a while. When you start to dread writing, it’s probably time to take a break and relax. So I did that.

Then I decided to go back to school. I don’t get to start until Fall semester though, so I now have quite a bit of time to burn before I begin. I’m going to study Anthropology and Forensic Science. The school tried talking me into staying with my current degree (Paralegal) and finishing up in Legal Studies…but that just didn’t sound as fun. I need some adventure in my life.

The kids are on Spring Break right now. They have made it their mission to drive me insane. But I’ve put up a protective barrier of alcohol and romance novels that they can’t penetrate.

So far, so good.

I know lots of people do stuff during Spring Break. My goal is to not harm my children and keep the house from imploding. We are doing absolutely nothing and loving it. Well, at least I am. My kids are enjoying this little taste of freedom. My 9 year old has convinced himself that he can learn to cook this week that he’s off. He’s mastered grilled cheese. Declan calls him a chef.

“Mommy, Evan is a chef! He made a sammich on the stove, all by himself!” Declan told me.

Evan butted in with this:”Declan, I’m not a chef yet. Daddy is though, because he used to work at Taco Bell.”

I snorted with laughter. Poor Jalon. He just rolled his eyes as I told him that was totally going in the blog.

I didn’t correct him though. Who am I to tell people who’s a chef and who’s not a chef?

So much has happened lately. I’m hoping I can get on here and write about it all or at least keep this blog up to date with my new adventures.




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