What the crap?!

I’ve been “spring cleaning” in my house. It’s spring. And I’m half-assed cleaning. That counts.

I decided to go through my closet because it was starting to vomit out clothing that I don’t remember purchasing. When you can’t close the doors anymore, you know it’s time to start digging and finding out the reason why.

I live in layers. It’s like an archaeological dig. Starting at the top, you have the casual throw-away (I don’t want to wear that today, but I’m too lazy to put it back on the hanger) or the shirts that slipped off the hanger accidentally (and I was too lazy to put back on the hanger).

Then you find the next layer. This is my summer layer. I found all the clothes that I hated last summer and never made it back to the hanger. Those get tossed in the donate pile, because the hate is strong within me.

After those, I find the layer of “skinny” clothes. The ones I totally fit in 2 years ago, but noticed last year that they were getting a bit snug, so I threw them on the bottom of the closet for when I “lost” the weight and could wear them again.

Not a chance in hell.

I just looked at the size and started laughing. BYE SIZE 4…and size 6. And almost size 8. It was a rough winter…

Like Elsa said, “Let that shit go”…or something like that.

I was on a donating roll. I went nuts. Everything in my closet that I ever had issues with, that didn’t fit right, or was scratchy when I wore it, got donated.

It felt awesome.

Until I saw the end result.


That’s all I have left. Winter on the left, summer on the right.

What the crap?!!? How did that happen?

I have nothing left!!!!

Look at my side compared to my husbands side:


Well. Who has the problem now, Jalon? (It’s actually still me…he will argue that some of that’s “work” clothes and “uniforms”…whatever.)

But now, look at this:


Piles of hangers!! Poor lonely hangers. I really don’t want those to go to waste, do I? Hangers aren’t exactly free…I should probably buy some clothes to fill those hangers. Thus, reducing my waste and doing my duty of keeping the Earth tidy. It’s a sacrifice, for sure, but I can do it.

*Sigh* It’s rough work being me.



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