How I React When Scary Crap Happens:

My brother has that Samsung Gear VR thing. It’s pretty cool. When he brought it over to the family BBQ, I was excited to try it out. I love new technology! It seemed so cool! Virtual worlds that you can look at and wander around. I’ve just been waiting for something like this since I was a kid.

GearVR_desktop_buyNow_gearVR (2)

My brother picked a trailer for a movie. Something quick and terrifying.

The Conjuring 2.

I actually watched a trailer for this movie on the TV a few days ago and was barely able to keep my eyes open. But I thought, I’ve seen it, I know what happens, how scary can it actually be?

Here’s what happens:

(My super thoughtful husband made a video of me. I had no idea he was filming this. I would have tried to hold my fear inside a bit better…)


Now. I think you should at least see the same video as I was watching. Then tell me if it isn’t scary.


I kind of wanted one before, now I’m like 95% sure it would be a bad idea. I always start out thinking I’m much braver than I am. I am pretty stupid and will give myself nightmares constantly watching terrifying things on it.

My son Evan LOVED it!! Not this trailer, of course, but my brother found a tornado chaser clip for him and he was thrilled.



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