It’s officially summer and, so far, it’s been a crazy one! Time is flying by!!!

I was kind of dreading this summer, being home with 3 kids full time and all…but it actually has been a blast and is zooming by.

Darn it.

I start school in September too, so I think I’m dreading Fall just as much as they are. We are trying to make the best of this summer, while still maintaining our household. It’s a struggle for sure, but it hasn’t been too bad.

Here’s what our summer looks like so far:

This actually didn’t take place in the summer, but I felt I needed to share it anyway. My daughter “invents” moves and names them. She also takes EVERY opportunity presented to her to show them off. Even though it may not be an appropriate time to do so…

Then my husband and I created this video just for fun. We have a whole 2 thumbs up on it so now I get to do his makeup. He’s going to be so glamorous.

We watched Finding Dory the other day in 3D. Cute. Great. Kind of boring. Evan kept telling everyone that he had to sit there for 2 whole hours and do nothing. Hard life he lives. I spent $90 for him to complain about not doing anything and eating popcorn. Man, I’m a terrible Mom.

Today, I decided that since he was so “tired of doing nothing” that he can spend the day cleaning. Let him see how much fun that can be.

Unfortunately for me,  the weather is totally disgusting today so the kids don’t want to go out and play anyway…COME ON! SERIOUSLY? CAN’T YOU JUST WORK WITH ME ONCE?!

Well, that’s all I have for now. We have LOTS of videos coming, so if you prefer to follow me on YouTube, they will be posted soon. It takes so LONG to edit videos and I kind of suck at it, but we have a bunch and ideas for more to come.

We are really trying to turn this into a great summer, so hopefully I’ll have LOTS of adventures to post about soon!

Or I’ll just post pictures of the kids playing WrestleMania…or “fighting”. Whatever.




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