Five For Friday

Quick update in 5 parts.  That’s all your getting from me. I’m supposed to be cleaning!

  1. Finished J-Term at school. It was surprisingly fun. Minus the headaches from cramming all that history into my brain in such a short period of time. However, it’s done, so I get to do a massive brain dump to make room for this next term. It’s just like flushing a toilet.
  2. My husband and I have been having a few spats here and there, over nothing in particular. So I decided to surprise him one night with an awesome gift:                                                  That’s right, it’s a bedroom fort. Who’s the coolest wife ever? If you didn’t say “Danielle” you would be incorrect. 2 hours of my life was spent tacking all the bed sheets I could find to our ceiling and walls. So. Many. Tacks. (P.S. My thumb STILL HURTS from all those f-ing thumb tacks). Also, I could use more bed sheets in our house. Why do I have so few? I wanted to decorate it with xmas lights all over, but we just put all our Christmas decor away and I have NO IDEA what tote I put those in, so I grabbed the first ones I could find. Which turned out to be a strand of icicle lights. Super pretty. Kind of annoying. They flash so much I almost had a seizure. You can see I grabbed up snacks for our bed fort and got the Netflix ready. It was fun…for an hour or so. But when we started to fall asleep, it was getting seriously warm in there. Down came the fort. Hours of work…wasted. Plus, all my husband said about it was “There are going to be holes all over our ceiling and walls now.” Way to appreciate all that effort. =P
  3. I’ve been using this time off of school for good things. Like organizing my book shelf. Super important work going on here. Books need love too. But I noticed that during my organizing, I’m missing a few books. Why? Because I was purchasing some on my Nook. Which is great…when I know where it is and have it charged. Which is never. I need my books in paper, just for backup purposes. So I made some lists. I made LOTS of lists. And I put my missing books in a tiny, travel size notebook. That way when I’m at the Goodwill, I can do some hunting for my missing books. Look at me go. Super organized. Screw cleaning the rest of the house…this girl has a bookshelf to organize!
  4. I have had tacos 3 days in a row. For lunch and dinner. Worth it.
  5. I did this really awesome Virtual Reality thing on Google. It was to explore Petra, which is on my bucket list to visit. It was so cool, until I tried to ralph all over due to the motion sickness it caused me. Bleh. And I stubbed my toe on a wall and ran into the counter probably 3 times because I couldn’t stop walking around like a dumbass. I know that I don’t actually need to move. But my brain tells me I should, so I do. No more virtual reality for me…

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