Super Obsessed Book Nerd

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I am a HUGE book fan.

My husband does not understand this. He does not read and wonders how someone could “waste” their time getting lost in a book. I love that man, but sometimes…

He’s been getting on my case for awhile about my book collection. I’ve been hunting for books at the Goodwill, Savers and any other thrift store I can find. I do this almost weekly. Why? Because I’m searching for my favorites to add permanently to my bookshelf. I work very hard to gather all these books that are close to my heart and obtain them from second hand sources.

My lovely husband is partially upset because of our lack of space. Here are my bookshelves now:

As you can see, I have one large shelf and it’s definitely not enough space. The top left corner is my curio cabinet that my books spread to. My romance novels on the top shelf are stacked in 3 rows, organized by author. The smaller bookshelf is for the kids. I’ve been  trying to find holes here and there to put my books, but I’m really running out of room.

To solve this problem, my husbands idea is to just stop buying books. Completely rational response. However, I’m not rational when it comes to books.

And I’m only collecting my favorite series/authors.

This is my list. And I keep the updated version in a small book that remains in my purse at all times. I don’t want to accidently rebuy a book that I already have. Does anyone else do this? Please tell me I haven’t reached a new level of nerd here…

I understand my husbands concern. I just wish he could understand why I love books so much.

I love opening them and smelling the pages. I love the characters and know each one of them. I’ve read and re-read almost all these books so many times that picking them up again brings so much comfort and peace when I get to read them again. I love finding out something new or realizing a different part of the story I didn’t see before. These characters are family, home and comfort. Their stories are my favorite memories. I always find myself getting caught up and lost in a favorite book, no matter how many times I’ve read it. I get cravings to read certain stories and it’s always nice to have it on hand when the craving hits.

I hate it when books end. I still cry at the end of Harry Potter. Probably always will. Having these books means their stories will never really end. I can just pick up the first one again and I’m instantly swept up in it.

Books are honestly magic. They are like a warm, comfortable blanket that you’ve had for years and still remains in perfect shape. And maybe it’s weird to find such joy and happiness in a small, paper object…but it’s the words inside that have wound their way around my heart and stay there.

I don’t have too many favorites, but the ones I have, I work hard on keeping close.

That’s why I have a list, shop weekly and overfill my bookshelf.

The thrift store portion is because books are cheaper. Obviously not cheap enough for my dear spouse, but cheaper than buying brand new. And sometimes you find a hidden treasure inside that gives you little clues about the person that last read the book and I find that really enjoyable.


I hope I explained myself well enough. I know it’s difficult to really understand if you’re not a reader and I’ve met people that will not even date someone that doesn’t read. But I am so in love with my husband, so despite his hatred of books, I am keeping him forever. I still wish he could cave in a buy me a bookshelf in the same way he caves in to buy a mint milkshake from Culvers when I’m dieting.

Food puns                                                       …:


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