Date Night Fun

I’m cheating for a bit and taking a break from homework. It’s a perfect, nice and sunny day and I’m stuck inside studying with a sick kid. So. Not. Fair.

I would probably get a lot more done if I could focus. But I’m hungry. So, it’s a good time for a break.

My husband and I just celebrated our 13th Wedding Anniversary. It was on Monday, April 17th. So we celebrated it this past weekend.

Lately, to add some more drama to our date nights, we have to pick a letter from our Alphabet date night cards, that I have pre-prepared for moments such as this. Yes, I’m an exciting person to live with. He’s a lucky man.

Our first letter was a J. That sucked. There wasn’t much to go on. So we skipped it for now, and picked the letter P. Much better.

Here’s how our night went:

 P for Pizza! We even tried a new place. It was super yummy! And they had Gluten-Free!

After that, we did this:

 P= also for Paint night. A place called Cheers Pablo, had a Groupon, and we went and painted. Let me just say this: If you do not enjoy painting, do not do this activity.

 These 2 pictures were my set-up. I had a large selection of paint, paintbrushes, wine, Cheetos and a HUGE blank canvas.

Image result for Cheers Pablo Northern Lights Here’s what our painting is “supposed” to look like. “Artists” are allowed to use their own creativity when painting, so each person could have something different. No big deal. Right?

 This was what mine looked like in the beginning. I can blend make-up like crazy, but apparently blending PAINT is far too complicated for me. I cursed more times than I would like to admit during this process. And it wasn’t pleasant, nor enjoyable. I didn’t like this activity. I was stressed. And look at the disaster I created.

HOWEVER!!!! We were allowed to be CREATIVE. So I quit following the guide and did whatever I wanted. I painted what I saw.

That’s how I ended up doing this:

 Yup. That’s a cow getting sucked up by a UFO. Can you tell that I gave up and gave in to the yellow light? Just let it happen.

Here’s what my husband did (clearly, he’s painted before):

 I call this: Teachers Pet. Damn his blending skills.

After that, we ran to Target for our annual $15 anniversary gifts that have to start with P. The person that has the most P’s during their date, was the winner…of nothing.

I see now that this picture is terrible. However, I still think you get the idea. The blended mess above was the PINT of ice cream he bought me and ate himself (with the Reese’s Pieces I bought him). I won by one point though, so there.

It was a fun date night. But, if you are not a fan of painting, just don’t do this. I didn’t really enjoy it. I found it stressful. Way too much blank canvas for me to fill with the crap I filled it with.

But now I get to hang my beautiful painting in my home somewhere…unless someone else wants it?



Date Night Hockey Game

My husband won amazing tickets to a playoff game for our Minnesota Hockey Team, The Wild. Knowing I’m not a huge fan of hockey, he cautiously asked me if I wanted to go with him. I said “Of course” only because they were “cool” tickets and I can’t afford “cool” tickets. You have to experience that at least once in your life.

However, the game was late. 8:30 p.m. start time. Normally, because I get tired, I’m in bed around 9:30.

This was going to be a long night.

I prepared myself for boredom by bringing along my Harry Potter book. I can’t believe the amount of people who felt the need to comment on that idea. There’s nothing wrong with carrying your book with you! BACK OFF! I LIKE BOOKS! The security guy looked at me like I was nuts and hardly let me in with it.

I will have you know that I didn’t crack my book open the entire evening.

So there.

I will now go into the picture portion of our evening:


The view from our walkway. St. Paul is so pretty from my amazing, expensive, but free, viewpoint.


The people view from our walkway. We were in the “club” area. I felt so cool. I’m not. But it’s nice to “feel” that way once in a while.


The view from our seats. Not too shabby.


Our section had a waiter and a menu. You order and he brings you the goods. You don’t even need to leave your seats. Unless you’re a big baby and need to use the bathroom….Jalon. I will hold in my pee as long as possible to avoid the awkwardness of making people move in the constricted walkways.

We also received a cool towel for FREE. I’m all about free stuff.


Loud. So damn loud.


Even louder now. Please help me.


I took this photo right before our team scored their first goal. Apparently they scored a couple more times, but we left. It was 1-3 and there was maybe 5 minutes left. I guess a lot can happen in a few minutes in hockey. We still lost…boo.


The “Mascot” hitting the drum. Noisy bastard. Also, what kind of animal is he? NO ONE KNOWS?!?! That’s right. I couldn’t figure it out, so I did some research.


The Minnesota Wild unveiled their mascot, named Nordy, on October 5, 2008. Little is known about the species of the mascot – some say he is a mix of a bear and a fox wearing hockey hair and a green “M” on his forehead.[15][16] Nordy is the newest member of the team of 18,000 and wears the jersey number 18,001

It has a mullet! Can we please pick an ACTUAL ANIMAL!!! Something that really exists in nature?! Come on, Minnesota! It can’t be that hard! This thing is just embarrassing…


This was my view if I looked up. There was a row of seats right at the edge of that and a very drunk dude that kept leaning over the edge to yell at the players. I was a little nervous. Mostly because of vomit. That wouldn’t be pretty.

And what the heck happens if he falls on me? Am I supposed to catch him? Run away so he can slam into the seats? I didn’t receive a briefing on this beforehand.

I have a video of the beginning portion of the game, but it’s SO LOUD and BRIGHT with flashing lights. I didn’t want you to have a seizure. Safety first!

It was pretty intense. I can’t BELIEVE how much people get into this. They should be studied in school by scientists. Don’t get me wrong, I did find myself gasping and cheering along at times. However, yelling at the players, as if they can hear you or even care, is kind of bizarre. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

That’s all I have for you. I paid attention to the whole game. Yes, I was bribed with gummy worms, but still…

“O” Themed Date Night

My husband and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary on Friday. Which also happened to be the day I was supposed to do the letter “O” for this blog. I decided to combine the two and see how it worked out.

It started out pretty bad, actually. Our plan was to start out with “Orienteering” which is Geocaching. However, none of our apps would work when we went out to the actual park. But because we were still “Outside”, we decided it would still work out if we just explored for a bit.

I made a video of this adventure, just for your enjoyment.

And here’s some pictures I actually took of the event:

date night part 1

Yeah, that face is adorable. That’s the face I make when I try to take a picture, but the front camera comes on instead of the one I thought I was choosing.

After our super sweaty adventure, we headed to Outback for dinner.

date night2

I tried to eat an entire rack of ribs on my own. I almost made it. They were divine! I kind of want to go back right now, just so I can grab some ribs.

After dinner, we ran out to Target, to buy each other “O” themed gifts for our anniversary. We “attempted” to set a budget of $10. Didn’t work so well. But it was fun and funny to see what we each could come up with.

He bought me some Orchids (sad, because I kill plants just by looking at them), oranges, some odor Eliminating car diffuser (because I smell bad) and Off! Bug spray (for the next adventure in the wilderness I take us on).

I purchased an oven mitt (practical choice), an Olaf bank (because he’s cute), Orbit gum, small bagels that look like “O”s, and the movie, Ouija (that I refuse to watch because I’m a chicken).

After that, it was time for dessert. We tried the cupcake place, but it closed earlier than we thought. So we had to make a stop for ice cream. Doesn’t start with an “O” but due to the cupcake disappointment, we gave up.

Then it was back home for our treats and a saved episode of the Originals. It was nice not to have to rush back home. Our kids were on an “overnight” stay with their Grandparents. It was pretty weird, but awesome, to have some quiet that next morning.

It was a fun night! So fun, I think we should keep up this theme and attempt a new letter twice a month! It had us doing more research and trying new things. I had much more fun than I thought I was going to.