Date Night Fun

I’m cheating for a bit and taking a break from homework. It’s a perfect, nice and sunny day and I’m stuck inside studying with a sick kid. So. Not. Fair.

I would probably get a lot more done if I could focus. But I’m hungry. So, it’s a good time for a break.

My husband and I just celebrated our 13th Wedding Anniversary. It was on Monday, April 17th. So we celebrated it this past weekend.

Lately, to add some more drama to our date nights, we have to pick a letter from our Alphabet date night cards, that I have pre-prepared for moments such as this. Yes, I’m an exciting person to live with. He’s a lucky man.

Our first letter was a J. That sucked. There wasn’t much to go on. So we skipped it for now, and picked the letter P. Much better.

Here’s how our night went:

 P for Pizza! We even tried a new place. It was super yummy! And they had Gluten-Free!

After that, we did this:

 P= also for Paint night. A place called Cheers Pablo, had a Groupon, and we went and painted. Let me just say this: If you do not enjoy painting, do not do this activity.

 These 2 pictures were my set-up. I had a large selection of paint, paintbrushes, wine, Cheetos and a HUGE blank canvas.

Image result for Cheers Pablo Northern Lights Here’s what our painting is “supposed” to look like. “Artists” are allowed to use their own creativity when painting, so each person could have something different. No big deal. Right?

 This was what mine looked like in the beginning. I can blend make-up like crazy, but apparently blending PAINT is far too complicated for me. I cursed more times than I would like to admit during this process. And it wasn’t pleasant, nor enjoyable. I didn’t like this activity. I was stressed. And look at the disaster I created.

HOWEVER!!!! We were allowed to be CREATIVE. So I quit following the guide and did whatever I wanted. I painted what I saw.

That’s how I ended up doing this:

 Yup. That’s a cow getting sucked up by a UFO. Can you tell that I gave up and gave in to the yellow light? Just let it happen.

Here’s what my husband did (clearly, he’s painted before):

 I call this: Teachers Pet. Damn his blending skills.

After that, we ran to Target for our annual $15 anniversary gifts that have to start with P. The person that has the most P’s during their date, was the winner…of nothing.

I see now that this picture is terrible. However, I still think you get the idea. The blended mess above was the PINT of ice cream he bought me and ate himself (with the Reese’s Pieces I bought him). I won by one point though, so there.

It was a fun date night. But, if you are not a fan of painting, just don’t do this. I didn’t really enjoy it. I found it stressful. Way too much blank canvas for me to fill with the crap I filled it with.

But now I get to hang my beautiful painting in my home somewhere…unless someone else wants it?



Top Ten Things I Should Be Ashamed Of

This summer has been a fun one. However, I have done a few things/or a few things have happened to me that I should be ashamed/embarrassed to admit.

But I’m not.

It’s life. I’ve come to terms with it. It’s just who I am.

1. I found a hair. On my face.

A big, thick, white, curly hair coming out of my cheek. What the hell?

I’m 35 years old. I get it. Hair starts popping up in random places. I’ve expected it to happen…around my upper lip area, my nose or ears.

But a real whisker? Seriously? Am I a cat?!

No. Not happening. I pulled it out immediately, but don’t think I don’t check every single day for new ones. My husband and I don’t want our “whiskers” mating when we kiss.

2. How many Lemon bars can you eat in one day? So far, I’ve had 6. I started with nibbles off the edges of the pan. Then I caved and sliced off a bar. But I will still hungry. So I shaved off a half a bar. But I couldn’t just leave the half a bar all alone…so I ate it. Then the kids each wanted one, so I took one so they wouldn’t be eating alone. But the “one” I took may have been two combined due to its size. I have a problem. Send help. I can’t stop eating ALL the sugar!

3. I Pokémon hunt daily. Yes, I have the app. I downloaded it for my kids, initially. Then I became addicted. Now we have my husband take us around to Pokestops. My kids and I take Pokewalks every day. I’m learning more about Pokémon than I ever thought I wanted. However, I have completed my 10,000 steps each day, due to this app. Hatching those eggs takes a LOT of patience and movement. But I totally scored a Lapras out of it! Whoo-hoo!

4. At the beginning of summer, I had this rule for my kids: One hour of tech time per day. However, it’s August. Momma would just about do ANYTHING for some quiet time. I may have given them some “extra” tech time so I could nap. Like 4 hours extra…it was worth it.

5. There are days…full days, where I don’t actually get dressed for the day. At all. I will straight up wear the same pj pants all week. Takes the pressure off. No looking through the closet, wondering what I should wear. Plus, the laundry pile has been shrinking, which is really awesome. I may not smell that great, but my kids don’t care.

6. I’ve given up taking the kids out on summer expeditions. I’m so over it. We would prep for it, drive all the way out there, it would eventually get too hot, someone would complain, they would all argue and fight, I would yell, then we would come home super crabby and gross. No. Thank. You. Summer’s almost over. I quit.

7. I literally have nothing but time, yet I still can’t seem to get the housework done, make dinner and entertain the kids in the same day. Apparently, I have important things to do. Like, puzzles, reading my HUGE stack of library books, Pokewalks, sleeping in the afternoon and watching Secret Circle on Netflix (and being pissed all over again, once you realize it was only on for 1 season).

8. I’ve been letting things slide because it’s “summer” and “no one cares”. My kids rarely get bathed. It’s like once a week right now. Pretty sad, huh? There’s no actual bedtime. It’s just “when you start to annoy us, go to bed”. Declan actually complained that his toenails were getting too long the other day, (honestly, it wasn’t THAT bad) and brought me the clippers to fix them. Oops.

9. I just spent $60 at Goodwill. On what? Babysitters Club Books. Someone was getting rid of their collection, just when I happen to be building mine up! SCORE! I totally should be embarrassed about this but I’m SO NOT! I LOVE THESE BOOKS! Although, I’m really going to need another book shelf soon, just to store them all. I had no idea how many there really were.

I also have a list so I can cross out the ones I find. I happen to have a second list in my purse so I know what ones I still need. I just rewrote this list because my last one was too messy. I may have issues.

10. While were at it, I seem to have some sort of mental issue that makes me collect and hoard items. I have no other reason to want to collect each one, really. It just fills me with such joy. It’s not just the Babysitters Club books I’ve been collecting. I also have Garfield.


Which, by the way, has its own list.

Yes, I do actually read these books. My husband accepts me for who I am. So it’s all good.

Top Ten for Summer- Part 2

This is my second installment of the Top Ten for Summer. It’s almost August! Summer is almost over!!

My list this week is: Top Ten Things I’m Sick of Saying.

  1. “No. It’s NOT time to eat! It’s 9:30 a.m. At least wait until 11 for lunch.” Why does this happen EVERY DAY. The rules NEVER change. Yet, I get asked this question constantly. Apparently, I’m starving my children. Just as I wrote this, my son came up and said, “I see lunchtime on the screen, can we eat now?” Never should have taught them how to read.
  2. “STOP FIGHTING!” I’m going to set up a ring in my backyard and let them “solve” their issues the old-fashioned way.
  3. “Shut the DOOR!” This actually isn’t me. I’m just really tired of hearing my husband say this over and over again. “We’re not paying to air condition the outside!” and “You’re letting all the flies in!”, go along with this as well. For some reason, this is a difficult concept for my children to remember.
  4. “You HAVE to take a bath! The top of your feet are a different color than the bottoms. It’s time to see what’s under the dirt.” Bleh. My poor bath. They leave a brown ring every time.
  5. “Put your shoes on!” I get it. Summer= shoes optional. However, this does not mean you can go barefoot into Target. They frown on that. Especially when your feet resemble what I described in #4.
  6. “Please get dressed. At least put on PANTS!” Morgan will wander this house in her underwear for WEEKS if we don’t tell her to get dressed. I guess this summer schedule is too relaxed.
  7. “Stop grossing me out!” The other day, this was a conversation I overheard in the back of my car while I was driving the twins to the store: Morgan: “Hey Declan! Guess what I’m eating?” Declan: “Is it candy?” Morgan: “Nope! It’s a booger!” They both laugh, then 2 minutes later I hear: Declan: “Morgan, guess what I’m eating?” Morgan: “Is it a booger?” Declan: “Nope! I’m chewing on a toenail!” They both start laughing again. If you ever thought having twins was a cute adventure, think again.
  8. “No. A tornado isn’t going to come and blow you away.” Thanks to my son Evan, and his desire to be a storm chaser, all my kids are a little obsessed with Tornadoes. However, to them, every single thunderstorm we get here, holds a tornado just waiting to take them away. We get a LOT of storms here. That’s a LOT of opportunities for them to fly away. I used to love storms. Now I dread the sound of thunder, because it means I have to dig out my prepared speech about how they will not be sucked up by a tornado.
  9. “CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES!” No, there is no magical fairy that cleans up when you go to school. Now that it’s summer, you can see how you contribute to the disaster we call home.
  10. “Please, leave me alone for 5 minutes!” Yes, I know I’m here with you ALL summer. Every single minute of every single day. It’s pretty neat that I get this opportunity. However, sometimes I need just 5 minutes to breath. Or pee in peace. In those 5 minutes, I don’t want to play with you, I don’t want to “just watch this one thing” or even listen to who touched who first. I just want 5 minutes of PURE PEACE and QUIET. In this house, you would think I was asking for World Peace. At least my bathrooms have locks.

What the crap?!

I’ve been “spring cleaning” in my house. It’s spring. And I’m half-assed cleaning. That counts.

I decided to go through my closet because it was starting to vomit out clothing that I don’t remember purchasing. When you can’t close the doors anymore, you know it’s time to start digging and finding out the reason why.

I live in layers. It’s like an archaeological dig. Starting at the top, you have the casual throw-away (I don’t want to wear that today, but I’m too lazy to put it back on the hanger) or the shirts that slipped off the hanger accidentally (and I was too lazy to put back on the hanger).

Then you find the next layer. This is my summer layer. I found all the clothes that I hated last summer and never made it back to the hanger. Those get tossed in the donate pile, because the hate is strong within me.

After those, I find the layer of “skinny” clothes. The ones I totally fit in 2 years ago, but noticed last year that they were getting a bit snug, so I threw them on the bottom of the closet for when I “lost” the weight and could wear them again.

Not a chance in hell.

I just looked at the size and started laughing. BYE SIZE 4…and size 6. And almost size 8. It was a rough winter…

Like Elsa said, “Let that shit go”…or something like that.

I was on a donating roll. I went nuts. Everything in my closet that I ever had issues with, that didn’t fit right, or was scratchy when I wore it, got donated.

It felt awesome.

Until I saw the end result.


That’s all I have left. Winter on the left, summer on the right.

What the crap?!!? How did that happen?

I have nothing left!!!!

Look at my side compared to my husbands side:


Well. Who has the problem now, Jalon? (It’s actually still me…he will argue that some of that’s “work” clothes and “uniforms”…whatever.)

But now, look at this:


Piles of hangers!! Poor lonely hangers. I really don’t want those to go to waste, do I? Hangers aren’t exactly free…I should probably buy some clothes to fill those hangers. Thus, reducing my waste and doing my duty of keeping the Earth tidy. It’s a sacrifice, for sure, but I can do it.

*Sigh* It’s rough work being me.



My husband has left me.

For China.

Temporarily of course, for work, but still. I’m less than thrilled. However, I’m glad he gets to see some cool parts of the world. I am also glad he didn’t try to drag me along to see them. I’m not a fan of long flights.

However, while he’s been gone, the house has gone into chaos/survival mode.

My kids are acting like they are gremlins that I fed after midnight.

It may have something to do with our crazy moon:

IMG_4156 IMG_4170

So pretty. I sat outside for quite a bit trying to get some pictures. Taking pictures with a huge camera is a lot harder than I thought. I even tried messing with the settings. That had disaster written all over it.

Because my husband has been away, I’ve been trying to make things fun and exciting with the kids, so we don’t drive each other crazy out of pure boredom.

Saturday was awful. My #2 super active child was a nightmare. Screaming and crying at everything. I was really hoping Sunday would turn out better or he was going to be finding a new home.

Sunday went very well. Started out at Church, then went kayaking. It was the PERFECT day to be outside! We had so much fun!


Taking a selfie while Evan paddles me around the river. I will have you know, I paddled quite a bit, but my giant blister I received from all the paddling was starting to hurt!



Quit smiling and get to work, Evan!

After paddling around the river for a few hours, it was time to pack it up for the day. During the “packing” process, we found a GIANT spider.

I’m not lying either, Jalon. This is not me being dramatic.


See? I had my Father-in-Law put his hand next to it, because he was the only one of us brave enough to do so, so I could take this picture. It had a giant egg sack underneath it too.

Time to burn the place down.

After all the work, there was still a little time to kill before dinner.

So I decided to take my husbands baby out of the garage for a ride around town.

His baby happens to be a beautiful 1980′ something CJ7. It’s pretty cool. I never get to drive it when he’s here.

Let me tell you, he was thrilled when I asked.

Oh wait, I didn’t ask.

He’s in CHINA for crying out loud! I’m saving us time and money by not asking him these small stupid questions. Better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission. Right?


It took me awhile to figure out how to get it to start. (Just had to flip a switch and it turned right over.) Then I had to figure out the gears. He apparently doesn’t label them to make things extra exciting.

Thank you for that. However, it didn’t stop me. I found forward, backward and park. That’s all I needed. I have no idea what all the other ones were…I hope not important.

We had a blast!

I’m going to put post-its on the right gears so when I drive it next time, it will be a bit easier. There’s no indicators either…I gave the twins each a flashlight and when I called their name, they blinked it on and off behind them to let the people know we were turning in that direction.

How’s that for inventive? Go me.

Video Time

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted.

Here’s a quick update for you:

I’ve been working on my youtube channel a little bit and have added some new series on there.

We are starting a Masterchef Junior Monday (which is Evan’s version of Masterchef Junior- but gluten-free).

I’m doing Wisdom Wednesday- a how-to guide for stupid crap I come up with.

And then there’s 5 Tips Friday. Because I like how it sounds.

Here are some videos that I’ve posted recently:

It’s taken me so long to edit and post these videos, I haven’t had much time for anything else. Sorry about that. Hopefully these will help make up for my lack of writing here.

Canadian Adventures

Well, we survived our trip to Canada.

It wasn’t always easy, but it was fun.

The plane ride out went well, despite leaving an hour earlier than we originally thought. I drugged myself and slept the entire way there. Nothing like making time pass by sleeping through it.


This was us taking off. I’m pumped full of Dramamine at this point. Just about to plop.

As far as I know, we had a great flight. I drooled on the window and kept my headphones in to drown out the noise.


I woke up for the landing! Canada looks a lot like Minnesota. Canada…where are you hiding the mountains?

20150522_124548 (2)

The airport sign. I don’t know why I have this picture. I was still pretty heavily drugged. I slept again after this. We had an hour until we reached our hotel.

IMG_20150522_155506 (2)

At last! Mountains! We found our hotel, in Canmore, surrounded by them. So beautiful!

Aroma was our restaurant of choice for that evening. Which ended up being quite delicious. After all that adventure, I was ready for bed again…

This was day one of our adventure. Not too exciting, I know, but it will get better! Stay tuned…